Friday, September 7, 2012

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Work appropriate glitter - Lynnderella A Neutral Party

Work appropriate glitter, they're a couple of words I never thought would be strung together. A nail polish themed oxymoron.

For the last two days I've been up in Sydney for work.  I had hoped to post from my hotel room last night, but I'll be damned if I can work out how to do a blog post from my iPad.  It only lets me put it together using HTML, and I didn't have the patience to do that on the iPad.  The blogger app didn't help either.  Let me know any tips if you have successfully blogged from your iphone or ipad.

Anyway, as I was away representing work, I thought I should wear something work appropriate rather than my regular full on glitter bombs.  Just a few days ago I received the only polish I wanted from the OPI Germany collection Don't Pretzel My Buttons.  Every swatch I have seen of that polish looked like the perfect nude.  After I applied Don't Pretzel My Buttons I loved it and it was the perfect nude for me too, but I decided that it was simply too plain on it's own.  

I grabbed out my bottle of Lynnderella's A Neutral Party and applied one dabbled coat to the tips, pulling a little of the shimmer and some sparse glitters down to about half way on my nails.  Perfect, just enough sparkle without being in your face bling.  It was still work appropriate enough for my environment, but clearly may not be for others.

A Neutral Party has various bronze, gold, copper, brown, black and white glitters in different shapes and sizes.  There is bar glitter in this one too, I say that cause I know bar glitter is either love or hate.  I did end up grabbing some tweezers to pull a long black bar off one finger that was hanging over the tip of my nail.  It was just hanging over enough to feel like a ragged sharp bit of nail and to catch on things.

The golden shimmer in A Neutral Party is pretty strong, which can make the polish look a bit frosty in full sun, but in regular lighting it's just a gorgeous shimmer.  I'm really looking forward to wearing A Neutral Party again with more coverage on each nail.


  1. Ahhhh! a nice combo with nude polish :)

  2. I wouldn't have thought there could be a work appropriate glitter but this totally is! I'm lucky that I can wear some crazy combinations at my work too. I hope you enjoyed Sydney, the weather has been really nice the last few days. :)

  3. This is so on point! I love it, the colour of the glitter, and even the shape of the glitter (squares instead of hexes) seems to be OK for work. I really want to try prezel too, but I already got 5 (!!) from the germany collection... to be completely fair one was a gift, but STILL! damn it! I want the nude too! :)

  4. I love this! I don't have the lynderella glitter, but I can't wait to try out other neutral glitter combos. very pretty!

  5. love ♥

  6. Now i want a gold glitter polish :o

  7. YUM.....perfect combo. It's neutralicious!

  8. it's so pretty!! I can't get enough of Lynnderella polishes I think!

  9. This might help with travel blogging -

  10. I like this look!

  11. I think it is gorgeous! I have had this one since that collection was released and just unsure how to wear it. You have just given me a great idea! :)

    So, I have a question since you brought it up: I hear a lot of bloggers use the term work-appropriate glitter and I admit I started to use it once, then I went oooook, why am I saying this? What kind of job would not allow some fun nail polish? I mean I could see tattoos or crazy hair, but it is just nails! :) I work in a pretty conservative environment and many coworkers who have probably never been in the same room as nail polish enjoy seeing what I come in with every day. I guess what I am asking, in a very sincere and just-trying-to-understand-way, is what kind of jobs out there would prohibit glitter polish, and if anyone is in that kind of job, would you be willing to chat with me about it? I really do want to know! :)

    1. No probs Tara, I'll give you my view of work appropriate nails in general. I work for the Federal Government, and as a general rule, I can wear anything for day to day activities. However, if I'm meeting clients or vendors and am representing my department and the government, then I find it it necessary to tone it down. For me its not about the people I work with, rather the people I don't work with and the need to present highly professional to them.

      Does that make sense?


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