Saturday, September 27, 2014

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31DC2014: Inspired by Artwork - Sidney Nolan's Ned Kelly

When you think about well known Australian artists, there are only a few that jump to the forefront of your mind.  The artwork that I have depicted on my nails is surely one that every Australian will recognise.  I attempted a recreation of Sidney Nolan's Ned Kelly.

This was all free hand painted with nail polish, not acrylic paints. I used a whole range of colours and brands to create this, so I wont bother listing them off.

Can you all believe we are nearly at the end of the challenge!  Only a few more mani's to do and we are done!  I have a huge project at work finishing up and going 'live' next Friday, so after that I'm planning to spend lots of time catching up on everyone's mani's linked through the inlinkz for the challenge.

Image credit: National Gallery of Australia.

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  1. Such great nail art! A perfect copy :-)

  2. Oh WOW Cathy, that is frickin AWESOME!!!! Nolan would be proud!! :) :) :)

  3. Oh wow, I'm blown away by how perfect this is. Amazing.

  4. You've really captured the painting - looks great!


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