Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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31DC2014: Glitter

Yep, you know it - if there is ever a day you are suppose to attempt a glitter placement mani, it's today!    

A few weeks ago, a caught up with my close group of nail polish friends here in Canberra over at Hayley's (aka Emily de Molly polish) polish making lab.  I was just in awe of this shelf unit with all the boxes of glitter.  It was sorted by colour and then each colour had different sizes and shapes.  Now this was only a small portion of her glitter, and I was like a little girl in a candy shop!  

Then a pretty cool thing happened. I commented how I wished I could grab a teaspoon of a bunch of glitters so I could do some glitter placement with them.  Low and behold, @LilyandJinks say's, hey I have a box full of tiny contains in the boot of my car - do you want them to grab some glitter!  WHAT! It was like it was meant to be!  So then for the next hour, I sat there grabbing little samples of glitter, I think I ended up grabbing about 40 containers worth.  How awesome are these girls - right!

As I was sampling the glitters, I noticed Hayley had a nice range of pastel satin finish hexes that would be perfect for a glitter placement.  I planned this mani right there and then.

I used a white base and then used my wax pencil to pick up each glitter and placed them into a thin line of top coat.  I used the technique explained by Polish all the nails where you do the line down the centre of the nail first, and then work outwards from there.  Oh, and if you guys aren't following her work in the 31DC2014, you've got to check it out. She is almost managing glitter placement every day of the challenge.

So I was a bit lazy when it came to this glitter placement.  Because the glitters were pastel, I didn't bother cutting any glitters in half to add to my tips, hence there are some little gaps there.  I also started going blind doing this and didn't realize I mixed up a pink and purple glitter on my middle finger - which is of course infuriating me now (it's like it has flashing lights on it saying, look here, look here, the pattern is wrong!)

And look, Yay for the spring blossoms on the trees!  This is our Plumcot tree, the fruit is a cross between a plum and and apricot and they are so delicious!

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  1. Oh so pretty, I would not have noticed your misplaced glitter. I've never heard of a Plumcot tree, it is glorious, I must google it. It is very exciting to take a peek into a polish makers workshop, thank you to you and Hayley for that. I feel you have treated us to some very pretty things, last night's beautiful Swarovski Glasses and now this wonderful post. xoxo Jo

  2. Those pastel glitters are so cool. And that whole glitter shelf is to die for! How exciting all that glittery goodness - I think would have probably stayed there for days ha ha

  3. Beautiful! I just had a Pluot (similar to a Plumcot) for the first time this past week - absolutely delicious! Point being, your tree is making my mouth water...

  4. That looks fabulous! I wish I had the patience :)

  5. This would have taken forever to do. Wow.....amazing

  6. This look really good, I love the colours :-)

  7. So much work and patience, love this!!

  8. This is so gorgeous! I love the pastel colours!


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