Sunday, September 7, 2014

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31DC2014: Black and White - Optical illusion stamping

Something about the black and white prompt always draws me to do black and white stamping.  After doing various more complex designs, I feel like it's a nice easy break to just do some simple stamping. I was pretty excited for this black and white stamping because I had just received my order of stamping plates from My Online Shop

I used various designs from JR-4 and JR-8 plates. I just love these images, as they are all optical illusions, and the images are all really large so they cover my nails easily.  My favourite design in the one on my middle finger, even though I didn't quite get it centered. The design on my ring finger is pretty cool too.

Here are some images of my two plates. By looking at the design on my nail and the full images below, you can see how large they are.

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  1. Psychedelic and so cool! B&w are always my favorites! :D

  2. Love the optical illusions in these stamps - and so effective in B&W! They look great Cathy

  3. I really love these, they're definitely best in black and white!

  4. This is mind-bending, I love it :D

  5. Oh that's a cool effect. I really like it :-)

  6. The illusion effect is phenomenal - I can't stop staring at the image on your middle finger.

  7. These look so cool!


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