Saturday, September 13, 2014

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31DC2014: Animal Print - Budgerigar inspired

Animal print is such a fun prompt, there are so many amazing creatures to be inspired by.  To find my inspiration, I google image searched the words 'beautiful animals' and browsed through the pictures.  One of the images that I saw was of a gorgeous green and yellow budgie.  

Budgies, or their full name of Budgerigars, are an Australian native parakeet, which a very popular pet birds.  I remember when I was young, that my Nana and Granddad had a blue and white budgie called Chippie. Budgies are also very good at learning to speak, and I remember that Chippie had learned a few words.  I particularly remember him saying 'pretty boy'.

I chose to depict two colours of budgies, the blue and white ones and the yellow and green ones.  The sideways gradient captured the colours.  I then added the three dots that appear on their chin.  I added some free hand fuzzy lines to represent the black feathered lines around their eye and head.  I really love how they turned out.

And just how awesome is this little budgie?  He is a very rare bird with both the blue and the green colourings.

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  1. These are so awesome!! Well done Cathy, I knew straight away what it was!!! :)

  2. This looks perfect and I love your inspiration :-D

  3. This is GORGEOUS and so friggen creative! Awesome job!

  4. These are too cute, they really do remind me of budgies!

  5. Such an amazing mani !! Very good idea!


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