Friday, September 19, 2014

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31DC2014: Galaxy - Cats in space

I think the Galaxy nails prompt would be right up there with Rainbow nail for one of my favourite prompts from the 31 Day Challenge.  I just love that there are so many ways you can do galaxy nails that they will never look the same twice.  

A few months ago I saw a few girls on instagram doing Cats in space galaxy nails.  I think it started with this excellent mani by Very Emily.  Not having any cat water decals, I decided to stamp on my cats in space.  I used the cats from DRK-A stamping plate.

I love how the colours came out in this galaxy mani too.  I started with a blak base and then sponged on some white to make the blue and purple stand out.  I used Picture Polish Cosmos, Shy Violet and Instinct, and topped it with Glitter ball, which has just the perfect ratio and size of holo silver glitters for a galaxy mani.  Stars are free handed in white and cats in Mundo de Unas Black.

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  1. Space travelling cats! How wonderful :-D I love this mani so much <3

  2. This is gorgeous! Loving the cats in it too :)

  3. Cats in space - what a fun idea. Nice mani

  4. Favorite mani on anyone I have ever seen! Of course I am a cat person.

  5. Perfection! I couldn't love these felines from another galaxy more!


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