Thursday, September 18, 2014

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31DC2014: Half moons

Half moons -  one of the least inspiring prompts for me.  I had no idea what to put on my nails until I was talking to my mum about it.  She reminded me of her favorite half moon mani that I did back in March last year.  It was a skittle gradient half moon.  After talking it through a bit, we came up with the idea of doing the same thing, but with holo polishes for the gradient.

I don't have the patience to list out all the polishes, because there were a lot! Each gradient used three holo colours, then there was the base creme. I think in the end I used 16 polishes, but the results are totally worth it!

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My half moon nails from 2013!


  1. This is breathtakingly beautiful.

  2. Beautiful! I love that you can chat to your mum about nail art! My mum wouldn't have a clue what a half moon was! Hehe :)

  3. These nails look so pretty! It like the contrast of the holo and colour :-)

  4. It seems like most people don't love this prompt - myself included! What you did looks amazing though :)

  5. wow 16 polished!!! You really have a lot of patience. But totally worth it at the end. Gorgeous mani

  6. Glistening, gleaming, and glamorous! A beautiful interpretation of the prompt!

  7. So pretty! This would have worked for Rainbow too!


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