Sunday, September 21, 2014

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31DC2014: Inspired by a colour

Yes, this is a rainbow watermarble, and no I don't have my days mixed up.  This is definitely my inspired by a colour mani, and there is a good reason why I have a rainbow marble.

Last year when I did this challenge, I had no idea what "Inspired by a colour" meant. So I checked out how Sarah from Chalkboard Nail interpreted it.  She took it to mean, inspired by a nail polish colour - eg the name of it.  So that is what I did last year.  I had planned to do that this year too and I sat down in front of my stash list to read through the names of all the polishes in my collection.  Not a single polish name jumped out at me for something I could paint.  I was totally out of inspiration. 

This is when I turned around to Mr 6 and asked him what is favourite colour was.  I figured I would paint something in his favourite colour as he always loves checking out my nail art.  His answer to me was "RAINBOW - my favourite colour is rainbow mum!"

Screw it, I thought, I'm going to do a rainbow marble using my polishes, because I'm now 'he shit' at doing watermarbles and I want to show off. Tee hee.

Needless to say, I'm pretty damn happy with how this came out.  From someone that couldn't do a watermarble to save themselves a few months ago (just ask my local Canberra nail girls from when we did a Watermarbling polishing session together) to what I'm able to do now!  YIPPEE!

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  1. Oh wow, these are totally awesome!!

  2. well, darn. Those might be the prettiest watermarble nails I have ever seen

  3. Stunning, really perfection incarnate!

  4. Wow, this is the best watermarble I have seen. Not only did you get one fantastic nail but all of them! The colors, the pattern, the way they are placed on your nails... oh yes, bowing down to the watermarble master. Girl, you've got some crazy good skills.

  5. My favourite colour is definitely rainbow too! I love the outcome of this, it's beautiful <3

  6. Just when I think I am tired of seeing water marbling, you do this! Wowzers, it is gorgeous! Are you something like an alchemist or witch to be able to do this? LOL - really fabulous.


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