Monday, July 27, 2015

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Gettin on my neon 80s vibe

I had another huge day at work today, very stressful and very busy.  Yesterday my section upgraded our intranet operating system and migrated all content from one site to another, which was the culmination of about 4 months of work.  Today everyone was back at work and it was the real test as to whether everything was ok or not.  My team was awesome fixing issues straight away, not that there were too many issues. But some things out of our control went wrong, which stressed me out pretty bad and the executives were very reactive about getting us to double and triple check everything.  Anyway, I made it through the day, and hopefully things can only get better from here. I think I might have an early night tonight.

So today I'll leave you with this little gem of a mani.  The combo of neon and this stamping image from on of the Moyou 80's plate definitely gave this mani a retro vibe.  In fact one of my work colleagues checked out this mani when we had a meeting together, and her comment was "hmm, they are very eighties", with a smile and a nod.  I was very impressed that they looked 80's to someone who wasn't a nail polish nutter!

I used Pipedream polish Day of Light, 110 degrees and Happy Hour for the gradient. Mundo de Unas black polish for the stamping and Swarovski crystals on my ring finger over black.


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