Thursday, July 2, 2015

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Watermarble over nail vinyls

I recently got a fantastic package of differen nail vinyls to try out from Aussie brand Xroma Polish and Vinyls  I received a great variety of vinyls, straight, chevron and tribal to mention a few, but these curved zigzags were the first ones I tried.

The vinyls on this sheet are very generous in width. I was actually able to cut these down the middle. They are also long, so with my length nails I was able to do two and a half nails using each half a panel.  Then, when you use the middle wavey bits that you pull off on your other hand, you are able to do a full ten finger manicure using only one of the four sections on the nail vinyl.

For this look, I started with white base and then applied the vinyls.  Next I applied a latex barrier. There are heaps of them out there now, and I've got four different ones I use, the latest one is from Dance Legend and its called Pure Manicure - I've got a review of the four I have coming up soon.

Then I did a regular water marble using some custom Paws polishes I mixed up that work nicely for marbling.  Finally pull of the vinyls and the latex barrier and apply top coat.

The white base I used for this was a new one I just got from the Face of Australia Iconic Miss Universe collection.  I'm still in the process of swatching the 12 polishes, but this is an amazing one coat white.

Xroma Polish and Vinyls are available from their etsy store.

Dance Legend  polishes are available from the Dance Legend website. 

All products provided for consideration.


  1. Very fun and cool looking mani, the video is hypnotizing as it auto repeats :D

  2. O.M.G., well done!!! Color me impressed! You did a magnificent job using both the vinyls and the water marbling. Thank you so much for sharing. <3

  3. This looks fantastic! Your marble is so vibrant!


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