Thursday, July 30, 2015

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Vinyls and stamping decals

Every now and then I do a design where I even impress the pants off myself! I pride myself on my nails always looking pretty fine, but this was one time where I told myself, girl - you really nailed this shit today!

This nail art look was a combo of nail vinyls and then stamping decals.  The white base is Face of Australia Miss Congeniality (one coat). I then used the zigzag design nail vinyls from Xroma Polish and Vinyls. While they were drying, I prepared some stamping decals using the butterflies from Messy Mansion Plate MM42. I coloured the decals in using three of the Pipedream ANIVC neons.

Tonight you get two tutorial instavideos!  First one creating the stamping decals and then one showing the vinyls and decal application.  Enjoy.


  1. Totally agree with you, this is super impressive!!

  2. You really nailed it, this mani is super cool!!!

  3. Love the colours you used on those butterflies, they're so pretty!

  4. This is so impressive! Loving the intricate details of this design. The butterflies are beautiful and I love the detail on them =)


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