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Ulta3 - Live life to the Matte Collection

Aussie super brand Ulta3 has some new shades coming out this August, and they all feature a velvety smooth matte finish.  The collection have five nail polish shades to go along with five new lipsticks and three pressed powders.

I have to say I did find the collection of five colours a little odd, a peach, two nudes, and ice blue and a dark plum.  The Collection doesn't scream winter or spring, but on the up side, they did also release a matte top coat, so you can create the same velvety finish using any polishes, and at $2.30 they are still the cheapest brand available in Australia that is still a good quality.

The formula on these was actually a little tricky for me.  I had to wait until each layer was totally dry before doing the next coat and I found that the polish didn't level out as smoothly as a glossy one. Usually this wouldn't matter cause I'd apply a great self leveling top coat like Seche Vite, but because I was leaving these without top coat to see the velvety finish, the unevenness annoyed me a little.

Let's look at the shades.  I used two coats for all these swatches, although some of them would have looked better for these swatch photos at three coats.

Adore - a soft pastel peachy pink.

Dashing - a dark purple plum shade.

Ice ice - a very very pale ice blue

La beige - a warm mushroom beige.  This one was one that showed the unevenness of the application the most.

Latte - a yellow toned nude.

The two nude shades are very similar, so I did a comparison of Latte and La Beige to show you difference.  Latte is a closer match to my skin tone and is shown on my index and ring fingers.  La Beige is on my middle and pinky.

The Ulta3 Live Life to the Matte Collection is a limited edition collection will be available in selected pharmacies Australia wide.


  1. I usually get excited about a new collection from Ulta3 but I think I will pass on this one. I think the collection that had Woolly Days, Coral Silk and Candy Mohair etc was the best so far.

  2. They are nice colours and I do like the matte finish a lot :-D

  3. Selected pharmacies only 😕 Bet these won't come to my town. I love that blue and the plum, they're nicely done. Do you know what the matte too coat will be like? Cause the last one I bought was $14 by Sally Hansen 😧

  4. Loving matte finishes for nail polish colors. The peach pastel color is so pretty and perfect for summer =)


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