Saturday, July 18, 2015

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Pipe Dream Happy Hour with water marble and FUN lacquer King

Shortly after I received my Pipe dream polish A Night in Vegas Collection I tried them out for a water marble.  I mean really this is why just about every one wants the ANIVC, because it appears to create an instant miracle and allow the user to create incredible water marbles.  If you haven't seen amazing water marbles using the ANIVC then you clearly aren't the nail polish addict you think you are.

I've found that the number one trick to getting a good water marble is the polishes. You have to use the right polishes.  In my experience newer polishes than are thinner work best, if the polish has thickened up it will not spread.  Now I've had recent success mixing my own polishes to create great water marbles, but I don't have any neon pigments, so I was never able to mix up shades like these.

The truth is these ANIVC polishes do spread nicely in the water (although not quite as easily as my own mixed polishes do). I didn't need to use filtered water or anything, just some regular room temperature water from the tap. But apart from just spreading nicely, they are well pigmented and the colours are beautiful, both on their own but particularly when worn together.

The other thing I noticed about this collection is that they are in fact not a collection of cremes. Every polish in the collection has a very subtle shimmer, which can be seen on the nail with direct sunlight.

This mani features two nails wearing Pipe Dream Happy Hour, a water marble feature nail using all the colours from the ANIVC, and then my pinky and thumb were wearing FUN Lacquer King, for the added bling.

So now that I have dipped my toe (or finger in this case) in the water of marbling with the Pipe Dream ANIVC, I think my next mani will need to be a full ten finger water marble.


  1. In love with the marbling!!

  2. Beautiful. I wish I could get my hands on the entire set :)

  3. Love your mani, especially that ring finger! I know people love that set - I have heard of it going for astonishing prices on ebay or private sells. There doesn't appear to be quite another set out there that do as well.

  4. That marbled nail is SO gorgeous! Super jealous of these polishes of course! :)


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