Thursday, April 14, 2016

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The Digital Dozen does gradients - dottie gradient

True story from today.  At work in a meeting, I noticed another lady's pretty blue nail polish (as you do, because all nail polish addicts notice nails everywhere!) At the end of the meeting I commented to her about it and looked a little closer.  I noticed it was a holo and commented as much, and then asked her what brand it was, knowing it had to be an indie because we don't get mainstream polishes like that here in Australia.  Turns out she was wearing an Emily de Molly shade.  Pretty cool, but really weird when your nail work crosses over into your professional word like that.  Has anyone else had weird encounters with people about nail polish in totally unexpected places?

Stepping right out the box here with the gradient theme and am going with a monochrome dottie gradient. I just only two polishes here. JOSS Will Not and my own mixed ultra black shade made with strong black tint and lacquer base.  All the shades of grey were mixed as I went using my Uber Chic mat.


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