Saturday, April 16, 2016

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The Digital Dozen does gradients with 40 Great Nail Art Ideas

Today I thought I would be clever and combine my to challenge posts into one.  Digital Dozen is finishing with gradient week, and my prompt for the 40 Great Nail Art ideas challenge is sponging.  I can't believe my technique prompt is sponging the same week we are doing gradients on digital dozen, that's the planets aligning from the nail gods. The colour prompt for 40GNAI is pink and lilac.

So with all that said, here are my nails and I think they are a bit meh.  The colours look sheer and dirty to me and the stamping isn't as crisp and clean as I'd live.  All in all I'm just not loving it. Needless to say, these lasted only one day.


  1. Still kind of like them! Lol

  2. These are really cute! Adding the rhinestone to the stamping was a nice added extra!


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