Saturday, April 30, 2016

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Three shades of Red/Orange - squares

Another week, another mani for the 40 Great nail Art Ideas challenge.  Although I have to say it's sad how many of the original participants have dropped out.  Last week's inlinkz only had 22 manis, a far cry from the 50+ manis in the first few weeks of the challenge. 

This week's theme is three shades of red/orange and my individual prompt was squares.  This was a hard one for me and my end mani is a bit meh!  And for a mani that I felt a bit meh about, let me tell you that this took bloody ages to do!

Because I wanted really neat little squares, I painted my polish out onto my Uber Matt and then cut up the squares of polish with scissors.  After i had stuck them to my nails I didn't like that the side edges weren't perfect, so I added the red lines, and then I didn't like them.


  1. It is certainly an eye-catching manicure! Too bad you didn't like it after spending so much time on it :(
    It really is a shame about the dropped participation. Especially since I don't see them letting in new members, which wouldn't hurt right now...

  2. This is a really unique look!


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