Monday, April 4, 2016

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Shattered glass lines

I might be the last person to have tried shattered glass nails, and in this state I can hardly called the shattered, more like neatly aligned glass lines.  

I've wanted to do some shatter glass designs for a while now, but I just didn't have the iridescent stuff that you need to stick on your nails.  However, given it was Easter last weekend, my kids had some of this iridescent stringy stuff in a basket of eggs and I thought I would try it out in my nail art.

As my base polish I used BOW polish thermal top coat.  It's a good solid black scattered holo when it's cold and a sheer nude when it's warm.  I just loved how it looked when it was cold, not so much when it was warm.  When it's cold it showed green hues with flashes of blue and purple - very cool. When it was warm, I just saw yellow and brown zombie nails - bleh!

... and now the bleh warm version!

Bow polish is available through the Dance Legend online shop.

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