Saturday, April 23, 2016

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Animals

A couple of weeks ago at work, one of my colleagues was wearing a most funky aboriginal inspired frog tie.  The moment I saw it I new it would translate to so well to nail art, so much so I told him that.  So then he said, well just let me wear it to my next meeting and then I'll take it off and you can take it home to create your nail art.

So that is how I ended up with random aboriginal inspired multi coloured frogs on my nails.  I was going to post these earlier this week, but then I checked the prompt for 40 Great Nail Art Ideas and saw that the prompt was Animals.  Perfect, I wouldn't have to paint another animal mani cause I had this one sitting there ready to go.

Scroll down to see a shot of my nails with the frog tie.


  1. I adore these! Such a good mani, love that your colleague let you borrow the tie for it!

  2. Oh, fantastic!! Such a great inspiration, I love how it turned out!!

  3. These look great! Love the inspiration story!


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