Tuesday, April 12, 2016

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The Digital Dozen does gradients - another holo gradient but with stamping

After the success of my last holo gradient I did another, but I was a bit lazy and just used to polishes that happened to be sitting right there in front of me on my polishing table.  Cupcake Polish Elizabeth and Berry Good Looking.  They aren't really the sorts of colours that blend easily together but I was rather pleased with the final look.  These polishes have a much larger holo particle that the holos I used in my previous mani, so I didn't end up with the same linear holo lines.

I did add some simple stamping to this one using a Bundle Monster plate.  It's funny using plates like this that have a definite length to them.  Here I was thinking that my index finger nail was so long at the moment, but it turns out it's only about the same length as my pinky.  Also my middle two nails are just a tad longer.  But when I look at my nails from the other side, my index finger nail looks so much longer.  It must have a much shorter nail bed.

I did take photos of this before the stamping too. I did actually wear it like this for a full day and then stamped on it to get a second day out of the mani, so I happy to report that this mani did last nicely on me without any chipping.


  1. So absolutely amazing!!!
    I love it!!!

  2. Wow, you're really making me want to try a holo gradient now! These are stunning!


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