Tuesday, April 19, 2016

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Price check on this black and white mani - bar code nail art

I did bar code nail art nearly four years ago, and back then it was a really popular design.  But when I look back at it now I just cringe. Argh, the messy cuticles, the wobbly lines, the numbers all over the place!! This was a nail art design that was screaming out for me to redo using a clear stamper.

Oh clear stamper how you have changed my world. Placing these stamped lines was so much easier and as for doing the numbers at the bottom! WOW, the ability to see where you are stamping is such a game changer.

For the bar code lines on this mani I used an image from DRK-A plate. I just taped off the tip of my nail and stamped over it.  For the numbers along the bottom, I just used the numbers from the Bundle Monster stamping plates, mixing them up a bit from 3-4 plates to get some different number combos.

Here is the image from DRK-A plate, which is available here.

I've got an instavideo tutorial of this on it's way, so just over to Instagram to see that tomorrow morning.

Plate provided for consideration about 4 years ago.


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