Friday, November 17, 2017

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Digital Dozen does Futuristic - The 100

Yay it's day 5, and this was a tough prompt this week.  For my last Futuristic design I once again went with a galaxy base (mainly cause I was cheating to save time and was able to leave the rest of my galaxy mani on the other 6 fingers from my Wall-E design).  

My inspiration is the Netflix show called "The 100", which is the latest thing I've been watching on Netflix.  We only got Netflix about 7 months ago, because before that our internet speed was too slow to be able to stream anything.  So I had lots of shows to catch up on. I had in fact never heard about this show, and it was my mum that thought I might like it.  It also has a couple of Australian actors in two of the lead roles.

Over the galaxy base, I painted the 100 which is the main graphic, and on my finger I painted the 'flame', which is a cybernetic implant that looks like a large blue tablet with an infinity symbol on it.

So there we have it for another Digital Dozen week. I'm looking forward to the December prompt, as it has lots of possibilities.

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  1. This is beautiful. I have never heard of that show but I love the mani.


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