Monday, November 13, 2017

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Digital Dozen does Futuristic - Futurama

It's another Digital Dozen week, and I'm far from prepared!  I was up in Sydney for work for half of last week and totally lost track of where I needed to be at for my blog posts. I never even got to prepare my mani for the 26 Great nail Art Ideas group, and I really wanted to post those manis, because I loved the prompts!  

This week's theme is Futuristic, which is damn hard. It's not the sort of thing I was able to think up quick designs to paint each night. Because unlike the other Digital Dozen girls who have their mani's done weeks in advance, I'm literally painting my nails one night, and blog posting them the next night.  

One of the first things that popped into my head with the Futuristic theme, was the animated TV series Futurama.  For this nail art I've done a bit of a blended technique of home made and printed water decals, that are then enhanced and coloured with nail polish.  I did this for two reasons. 1. I wanted it to actually look like the characters from Futurama, and secondly, because it was much quicker for me to do like this and I'm all for making my life a little bit easier at the moment.

I started with a blue to purple gradient in the background. I did the decals by printing them on water decal paper and covering with a layer of polish to stop the ink running when they get wet.  Then I applied the decals onto a layer of polish that was on my silicone mat. I then just coloured this in like you would with in regular stamping decal and applied to my nail in the same way.  I finished it off with some Matte Top coat from Cirque to hide the flaws, which mostly did a good job (especially if you don't look to close).

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