Monday, November 20, 2017

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Time to wear some VHTF polishes - Cult nails Clairvoyant

Guys, I have 17 draft posts with just my photos added, and zero time or inclination to write up words to go with those posts.  For some, where they are just swatch photos, clearly I don't need to say much, but I've also got some awesome review / comparison posts that I really have to write stuff for, and at the moment that is way too much like real work.

So, today you get a swatch of a polish I've not worn a lot. This is another of my VHTF polishes, Cult Nail Clairvoyant, or Unicorn Puke if you happened to grab one of the first 100 numbered bottles (those ones are even more HTF than this one).  Clairvoyant has a very sheer purple base, and lots of multicolored flakies.  This came onto the market during the first flakie craze of 2011, when so many brands released iridescent flake polishes. But this one was special.  

Now it's really probably not designed to be worn this way, cause it took five God damn coats to achieve opacity.  Yes, I patiently waited for base coat, five coats + two layers of top coat to dry for this. It also looks like a bit of shrinkage on the tips, I'm sure there is some, but also think it's because the purple base is so sheer that it doesn't grab the tip much either. I could have sponged on the flakies too, but I wanted the purple base to shine through too.

I think this was only the second time I've worn this polish as a full mani, and the upside of so many coats was that my nails felt bullet proof.  Cult Nails sure had some awesome polishes and it makes me sad that they aren't around anymore, like RBL *sad face*.


  1. I have this. Never have seen it with five coats!

  2. I have this beauty too. I've not tried it by itself -- your photos make me want to give it a try too. ;)

  3. I have this and like to wear it over a very intense blurple or cobalt blue. I think I need to wear it again soon. :)

  4. If you want it built up to opacity like this try using those cheap beauty sponges. Put some polish on there then "stamp" onto your nails. The sponge absorbs a lot of the clear or whatever. I do this often with flakies because then my nails look like foil.

    1. Thank you, yes, I did actually mention that above that I could have sponged them on, but I really wanted to get the bottle look, so persevered with the layers to get the purple tint.


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