Thursday, November 23, 2017

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Doubling down on the VHTF polishes - Unicorn pee and puke

I'm sure you knew this combo was coming. It's quite a legendary combo really. Purple base, layered with Cult Nail Unicorn Puke (or Clairvoyant) and topped with the original Unicorn Pee polish (Clarins 230).  I first saw this combo done by Jen the PolishAholic back in 2011. *Insert sad face cause she isn't blogging anymore*.

You can also layer it the other way around too of course, and put the unicorn pee beneath the flakies, I guess it just depends on how much you want to see the sparkly red/green flash of 230, or the multicoloured shards from the flakies.

Sadly I don't have any HTF purple polishes to finish out this trifecta, so I just went it an excellent one coat purple from Ulta3 called Orchid. 

Who else has these two polishes (or similar), and have you worn this combo? If not, do it now, and link me your blog post or photos in the comments!

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