Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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Digital Dozen does Futuristic - Wall-E

These nails are super cute!  I just love this movie. It's such a great movie to put on for the kids. I love how it's a quiet movie with such simple communication between Wall-E and Eva.  Although this is a kids movie, it's a good choice for the Futuristic prompt, because I googled it and discovered that the movie is set in the year 2805.

One of my goals this week was trying to think up designs that weren't too much effort to paint across all 10 nails. That's because I haven't had a chance to prepare any mani's in advance and I have to paint each of these designs the night before I post them and wear them as a full mani.  Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I cheat when doing nail art and only paint four nails to photograph, but of course, one can't go to work with just four nails painted!

This design was super easy to do for all ten nails, simply because I just did galaxy nails on all the other fingers.  I only painted Wall-E, Eva and the plant once.

Given that my free hand skills really aren't that great (which is why I opted for the printed decal option on day one), I'm super impressed with how these turned out. Both Wall-E and Eva actually look like Wall-E and Eva. Cool Hey!

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