Monday, March 22, 2010

Swirly shiny konad

This effort, whilst not my first, was one of my first konad designs. Actually I think it was my second one, but is was certainly the first one I took a photo of. Konad is pretty cool (despite the name - but more on that later).

The base for this was Max Factor Nailfinity in 'Angel nails'. A very pretty pale pinky mauve foil finish polish.

I then stamped over it using plate m63 with the brightest red polish I had. But because it's not a konad special polish the colour really thins out on the stamp. That's why the stamp looks pink.

The final effect was still pretty, and I got lots of comments about my nails.  I really like this stamp on plate m63, I've since used it quite a few times.

This was two coats Angel nails then stamped.  Revlon speed dry top coat (done before I had my Seche Vite).

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