Thursday, March 25, 2010

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Fluro spatters

This is another Konad design I did a couple of months ago. It was the first one I did using real Konad special polish. I thought it probably didn't matter about using the special polishes. But it really does. I've only got black and white at the moment, but hope to build on that soon.

This design was NYC (same as Ulta3) Citrus as the base, then konad plate m70 for the splatters. It looked really good. But my only problem was with a top coat. I don't have the konad special top coats, and really don't think I will ever get them. I tried a top coat on my pinky, and the black all smeared. So I didn't bother with top coat on the other fingers. I have since worked out how to apply Seche Vite top coat to konad without this problem, but thats another post.

I've also read that you should put on a coat of top coat before you stamp with konad.  That way if you stuff up, you can usually remove the konad design without having to take off the entire base.  I will have to try this.

Here are the stamping steps.

Konad plate 70, which has four full nail designs and one tip design. I then painted the plate with Konad special black polish and used the konad scraper. Then roll the stamp onto the plate, then roll it onto your nail.


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