Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Lets swatch, Ulta3 style

My favourite aussie nail polish brand has to be Ulta3. They're easy to find (your local chemist will usually stock them), they have a great range of colours and they are cheap, only $2. Unlike you US gals, we don't get many cheap polishes. I only know of Ulta3 that is $2. I have bought some Totally Beautiful Nail for $2.50 and Satin for $2.50, but I have never seen a big range of colours for them.

The problem with Ulta3 polishes is that it's almost impossible to find out what colours look like online. That's why I'm swatching my Ulta3's.

First up is 'Burgundy', which is a deep burgundy jelly. This was two coats, but the streakiness in the sun shows me I should have done three. Had a glossy finish, the swatch has no top coat.

Next is 'spring shower' which is a pretty pale blue. It dried quickly and took two coats to be opaque. Had a shiny finish, the swatch has no top coat.

'Spring blossom' is a lemon cream. Like other Ulta3's it dried quickly. I had some trouble with application with this one, where I would get bald spots when applying other coats, but it all smoothed out in the end. This is three coats, and it needed it. No top coat.

'Citrus' actually say's nyc brand, but its the same as the Ulta 3 and can be found in the same Ulta 3 bins at the chemist. This is a fluro yellow, or neon. Like most neons, it dries matte, so this swatch has one coat of Seche Vite. I don't own any other brand yellow neon to compare it to, although I would love to try Essie Funky Limelight, but to me this was pretty bright.

'Honolulu' is another yellow cream. This was three coats and you can still see visible nail line (which I hate). This colour was weird, I think it made me look ill. It also seemed to dry a little slower than other Ulta3s.

'Wild berry' doesn't seem berry to me at all. It's more of a dark grey with a slight red tinge. It had a shiny finish and was very quick to dry. This was two coats, no top coat.

'Spring break' is a really bright purple jelly. In sunlight it is very bright, indoors it's much darker. It dries matte. This was two coats with one Seche Vite top. It probably needs three coats so it doesn't look streaky in sunlight.

'Hot spring' is a nice deep bright pink. It was opaque in one coat, but I did two. Dried glossy, so this has no top coat.

'Hollywood' is a bright metallic blue. One of my favourites in the range. This was two coats and it wasn't streaky or anything. Dried glossy, so no top coat here.

'Fruit tingle' is another one that looks great on. Its almost a fluro hot pink. The first coat drys matte, but the other coats were glossy. No top coat on swatch. This was three coats to get opaque. Really liked this, even though I don't normally wear pinks.
'Natural spring' is a very pale and neutral pink. Dries glossy so no top coat here. This was three coats, but still a visible nail line.

Thats it for now, but I also have in Ulta3:
Black satin
Blue glitter
Bo peep
Bottle green
Brandy wine
Chocolate cake
English rose
Fire truck
Jelly bean
Lily White
Little boy blue
Pearly grape
Pink colada
Pink supreme
Red Glitter
Silver pink

So stay tuned for swatches on these.


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