Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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Ulta3 reds

I went a little crazy on the weekend doing new swatches of my Ulta3 collection, which is now up to 59 polishes.

Here are the three reds I have.

English rose - is a great bright red with a slight red and gold shimmer.  The first coat on this one looks very pink, so you have to make the effort and do three coats. But it's totally worth the effort.  I have actually made an awesome frankenpolish out of this, which I will show to you soon.

Brandy wine - is a very pretty maroon with a pinky red shimmer. It applied very nicely. This was two coats.

Finally Fire Truck.  This is one of the speed dry range.  Which to me didn't really dry any quicker than the other Ulta3 polishes - they all dry super quick.  This one was a rich strong bright red.  This was two coats.

None of these had a top coat, and they were all a lovely shiny finish.


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