Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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More Ulta3 swatches - Gold, bronze and metallics

In this batch of swatches, I have chosen my gold/bronze/metallic Ulta3 colours.
Let me start by saying I love gold polishes. I just can't get enough of them.  In fact at least 1/3 of my polish collection would be gold toned polishes.  And the one polish that started my crazy obsession with nail polish in the last six months - "Palladium" by Jessica, is the most amazing gold polish ever!!

First up, Antique copper - Beautiful - I think my favourite of the bunch. And there are some great polishes here. And remember they are only AUS$2. AWESOME!! Anyway, this polish is a light metallic gold. It's a cooler shade of gold than precious and it has tiny flecks of particle glitter which makes it look so blingy. This was three coats.

Earth - This was three coats and it had a streaky finish. It's a purply brown shimmer. I had a bit of trouble applying this one cleanly, but that might just be a reflection of my painting skills, not the polish.
Envy - Beautiful. A metallic pinky mauve silver foil. Very shiny with full coverage in two coats.

Jazzle - An interesting polish. I'd describe it as a peachy gold with blue, green and gold shimmer. This is three coats, and it was still quite transparent. I think this polish would be great layered. So I tried it.

Jazzle over black - up close you can really see the blue and green shimmer to this. I might just have to try make a frankenpolish out of some of this as I think it could be really great.

Neutral - Almost a flat brown colour, but catch it at the right angle and you see a lovely subtle gold shimmer. Applied very smoothly and this was two coats.

Precious - BLING - This one is right up my ally. A very shiny warm gold foil finish. The foil finish looks to be made up of tiny flecks of particle glitter. But the application is totally smooth. This gold version of Envy and Snazzle.

Snazzle - BLING again - just like the gold above, this is a silver foil finish. It's very similar to my Revlon Diamonds are Forever. I believe it would also be similar to the Orly Foil FX range.

Sunkissed - A warm shimmery bronze. It showed a few streaks on application, but they almost all disappeared on drying. This is three coats.

Tropez - This is a pearly shimmer finish. It's a warm netural bronze colour. A little streaky, even after drying. This was two coats.

All in all, I love the range on bronze colours and the foil finish polishes from Ulta3 are just fantastic for the price.  What I want to see from Ulta3 now would be some good glitter polishes (their current ones aren't great) and some holographic polishes!  Wouldn't that be awesome!!

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