Saturday, March 27, 2010

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China Glaze Kaleidoscope Collection

I only have six of the eleven polishes, and I think I will gradually have to get them all.  These polishes are really awesome.  My favourite collection in my whole stash. I really, really love them. Really!
'It's My Turn' is a gold holographic.  I love gold polish and this is no exception. I think this was three coats.

'He's going in circles' is a light pastel green holo.  And I just had to bling it up more by adding green stars.  The stars just didn't really stay on, they kept catching on everything.  I don't know how people manage to do anything when they wear all sorts of embellishments on their nails.  This was three coats and it was very sheer. 

'Visit me in prism' is almost a silver holo, but it has a slight pinky mauve tone to it.  It's beautiful.  Again three coats.
'Sexagon' is a pure silver holo.  It was a little cloudy for this picture, so you can't see the holo effect as much as you can in the other pics, but believe me, it's just as holo.
'Spin me round' is a tan coloured holo.  Really beautiful again.  I'd say it's a work appropriate holo, but then again I wear just about anything to work!
Finally, my favourite of them all, 'Lets do it in 3D'.  This is amazing polish.  It just yells WOW at you.  It's a charcoal base holo with so much holo speckles that it's, well, just amazing.

All these polishes are super fast to dry, which is good, because they all needed at least three coats.  The holo particles in these are much chunkier than the ones in the OMG collection, but they still apply absolutely smooth on the nail.  They also lasted a bit better on my nails than the OMG ones, but still not very long.  But when the polish is this spectacular, it just doesn't matter.


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