Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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I love holo polish

I don't think there ever could be enough holographic polish in the world. I love the stuff. I was telling a guy at work about my holographic polishes and he was like "cool, you mean like Princess Leia popping up from the ends of your finger tips". I thought that was very funny. But seriously, sometimes I get so memorised by holographic polishes that I just keep staring at them like they are talking to me.

Anyway, being down under we don't get to see the fabulous holos available overseas. Canberra is worse than the other major cities in finding holo polishes too. I think the only one I have seen in store is OPI Coronation.

I decided to spend up big and bought the entire China Glaze OMG collection on eBay. Ahhh. But given that we would be charged about $15 per bottle for regular china glaze, I was happy with the price I paid.

I was so excited when they arrived that I couldn't pick just one colour to wear, so I put on ten.

This swatch from left to right shows: OMG, TTYL, TMI, BFF and QT on the thumb.

This swatch from left to right shows: IDK, 2NITE, DV8, L8R G8R and LOL on the thumb.

I prefer the 'cool' hand on me - the purples, blues and greens. But they are all amazing holo polishes that are 100% smooth with a beautiful linear holographic effect.

I found these polishes just didn't last for me. Application was great, two coats and they were all opaque. Very thin and super fast dry time but, by the second day I had so many chips and large chunks peeling off that I had to take it off.

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  1. what a great collection!
    I Love your blog and specially your holo comparisons! They're very useful.
    I would kill to have a Artform 3D holographic!!
    If you're interested in a trade (maybe you'll some like brazilian polishes) let me know!


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