Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Cool..Now I'm blogging

So I have been reading all these great other nail polish blogs and you guys got me hooked. Which blogs am I talking about, well... it all started with The poilsh addict, which linked me to Scrangie, which I think is the best nail polish blog ever. Then I got into Konaddict, Nihrida, Dr Frankenpolish, The manicured manatee and the nailphile.

So I had always been into nail polish and had a small box with maybe 30 polishes. After reading these blogs I went shopping. Three months later I have more than 200 and my husband thinks I've gone mad!

Now other ladies in Australia would know, we just don't have access to all the great polishes available in the US and UK. I'm in Canberra, and its almost impossible to get even the big brand names found overseas. I'm talking OPI and China Glaze here. Sure you can get OPI in David Jones but you will have to fork out $20 a bottle. And I haven't found anywhere in Canberra that has much of the China Glaze range, only a few bottles at the nail salons in the malls.

So ebay became my friend and I went a little polish crazy. The local chemists also see me as a regular rummaging through the Ulta3 bins searching for new colours of my favourite el cheapo brand.

So here I will start sharing my swatches. If anyone is out there, I hope you enjoy!


  1. Ooh, I do love Nail swatches..... I have about 16 OPI's that I'm waiting on to arrive......

    I just wish my nails looked as nice as yours! How do you get your cuticles to looks so nice and even???

  2. Oh wow 16 OPIs. I love them but they are so expensive here in Aus. I only have a few I bought online.

    I'm so excited to hear you say my cuticles look nice and even. When you see some of my earlier swatches that I'm gradually posting you will see that they used to be much messier. What I used to do was just slop the polish on, and then scrap around the edges with another finger nail the shower when my skin was soft!

    Now after seeing other peoples blogs and how neat their's were, I thought I better put in a bit more effort.

    So now, I am just much more careful when applying the polish. I don't go all the way to the cuticle. Most of the time now I can apply without having to clean up, practice has made me much better, but when I need to clean up I just us a cheap corrector pen with straight acetone.

    Also, notice that I always show my left hand swatch. My right hand never looks as neat :)

  3. 16 OPI's sounds a lot to me too. I'm in Melbourne and there is a lovely little Asian nail supply place around the corner from mine that sells OPI for $11 and China Glaze for $6.50, so if you ever want to do a swap let me know and I can get some of the polishes you are lemming for lol.

    Keep up the awesome blog (its the first time I've gone from start to finish on a blog before so it must be awesome! lol)

  4. Thanks Natalie - That's a really good price for OPI and China Glaze in AUS, I generally just buy online nowdays cause I can never find anywhere around here!!

  5. I think this story is only too familiar to most of us in Oz - after my chemist eyed me suspiciously, we got to talking and now the pharmacy stocks OPI, butter London and lots of other mainstream brands)))

    1. Nice work with the pharmacy. I have recently spied one pharmacy that stocks Butter London, and another has Orly, but both are really expensive. But it's nice to see them in real life, even if I then still buy them online.

  6. I've been having a good look through your blog and love it! I thought I may as well read up on how it started out and your story is very similar to mine. I love Scrangie, her swatches are so beautiful! Now I've just started my own blog so I can share my opinions too.

    Keep up the good work, your nail art is awesome!


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