Monday, May 17, 2010

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Ozotic - unnamed duochrome

*edit* Thanks Kaz from Pretty Random, who identified this as an Ozotic brand.

I have this cool little bottle of polish that has no label or printing on it.  In fact I even remember that when I bought it it didn't have a label or anything, it was just a blank bottle.  I'm wondering if anyone out there recognises this brand?
The polish is a beautiful metallic peacock blue with purple and bronzy gold duochrome.  You can easily see the purple duochrome on the nail above, but you can see the yellow gold in the bottle and on the angled close up below.

It's only a little bottle, probably about 7ml I'd say.  I remember that I bought it in a chemist at a nearby shopping centre (Gungahlin Square), that is cost about $10 and that I bought it back in 2003!  I also have another bottle that is the same brand. Again no label or writing, but it is a silver holographic polish  (which come to think of it, was pretty leading edge for a 2003 polish).

Any ideas anyone?  Regardless, it's pretty isn't it.


  1. Thats an Ozotic hon! They used to come in those teeny bottles. Now the bottles are bigger and labelled!

  2. Kaz - Awesome - thanks so much. That's some good Aussie polish knowledge you have! I'm going to have to contact them to find if my nearest distributer again.

  3. stock them and have the nicest multichromes in stock for only $5.98...BUT they only accept CC over the phone which I never do due to being scammed before, so no multichromes for me :(

  4. Oooh, blue and purple and shiny, yesss *_* !


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