Friday, May 14, 2010

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BYS - a couple of chromes

I really want to keep my holo theme going, but I don't have anymore swatched just now - I have to wait for the sunlight on the weekend.  Instead we'll have some sparkly fun with a couple of BYS Chrome polishes.

BYS Thank God it's Friday.  A light mauve foil finish.  It dried a bit streaky but the brush and application was very good. Good colour pigment, this was two coats.

You can't really see the streaks with this polish indoors, only when in direct sun light.

BYS Bling! is a cool toned gold.  I wouldn't really call this a chrome or a foil, to me it's just a gold metallic polish.  This was two coats and it was a little sheer.  It could have used three.  I love gold polishes, especially cool toned ones, and this is right up there with my other cool toned favourites like Jessica Palladium, Orly Luxe, Ulta3 Antique Copper and Urban Decay Twisted.  I feel a comparison swatch coming on.

And an indoor pic, just cause I took one.

I'm swatching green holos tomorrow.  Cool.


  1. TGIF is lovely! I'm really enjoying the chromes right now. I wish BYS was available in the US, they have some great shades.

  2. O_O!! TGIF! its really beautiful.. wow..


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