Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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Artform 3D Gold holographic 514

Artform 3D polish in Gold is another beautiful polish in this fabulous collection of holographic polishes.  This one required three coats to be totally opaque, but it was worth the effort.

When this first arrived in the post I was a bit disappointed, because in the bottle this just looked like another silver holo.  I couldn't really see the gold.  But after applying it, I realised what a fantastic cool toned platinum gold this is.  Here is an indoor pic, where you can see that it is definitely gold rather than silver.

I had hoped to swatch some comparison swatches with other gold holos, but with winter descending on us in the southern hemisphere awfully quickly, I just don't get enough daylight to swatch before or after work.  Thus, my swatching has to wait until the weekend.  I wonder what people would think if I took polishes to work and swatched at lunch?


  1. beautiful.. where did u buy this? i dont think there's any of holos here in my country.

  2. I have also been struggling to find holos. These look fab.

  3. As far as I know these are only available from an Australian e-tailer. They only post to Australia though.

  4. beautiful! Thanks for sharing, always exciting to find another brand selling holos!


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