Friday, May 21, 2010

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Orly Rage vs Ulta3 Envy

I remember a while back, some chat on the Vogue forums about trying to find a dupe of Orly Rage, and how far off Ulta3's Envy was.

I thought I would do a quick swatch to show the differences.

Orly Rage on the Index and Ring fingers, Ulta3 Envy on middle and pinky. 
Below is the same in the shade.

And some close ups in the shade. Envy on the left and Rage on the right.

And in the sun.

So yep - Rage is pinker, but the tones and finish are very similar.  I reckon a couple of drops of red polish in a bottle of Envy would make it a dupe.  For $2, I will just have to pick up a spare bottle of Envy and give it a go.

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  1. Came here from the "Orly Rage" post. I have to say they look almost the same (sparkle-wise). I will definitely be purchasing a bottle of Envy after seeing how beautiful the color is on your nails! Thanks for this :)


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