Sunday, May 16, 2010

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Orly Luxe + Gold foils

I finally got the Orly Foil FX collection last week and I think I may have just found my new favourite polish.  Orly Luxe is right up there equal with Jessica Palladium, and maybe just pulling in front because I have it in a massive 18ml bottle, rather than the teeny 7ml Jessica bottle.

There are heaps of swatches of this around, and here are mine.  This swatch was taken on day three, so I'm super impressed with the wear on this too.

I used Nail Tek II foundation, which also arrived in my stash from the USA, and I really love this base coat.  This was two coats of Luxe with one Seche Vite top.  Below pic taken indoors and it's still very shiny and blingtastic.

I wanted to do a comparison with my other favourite gold foily (yeah - know that's not a word) metallics.  This pic taken in the shade is, from left to right: Urban Decay Twisted, Orly Luxe, Jessica Palladium and Ulta3 Antique Copper.

Same polishes in the sun, from left to right: Urban Decay Twisted, Orly Luxe, Jessica Palladium and Ulta3 Antique Copper.  Twisted is a lot darker indoors than the others, but wow it just pops in the sun.  I will have to do a separate swatch of it soon. 

Orly Luxe and Jessica Palladium are very similar.  Pretty much the same colour.  To me the only difference is that Luxe is more foily and Palladium is more sparkly.  And while Ulta3 Antique Copper is slightly pinker and not really foily or sparkly, it's just metallic, God Damn it's a good polish for $2.


  1. So pretty! This is still in my untrieds, maybe it needs to move to the front.

  2. These were my first Orly polishes too, and I'm super impressed. Yep, move them up your untrieds list.


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