Sunday, May 2, 2010

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OPI - Opening night gold

I'm going to have a holographic week this week of the holo polishes I haven't swatched yet.  I love holo polishes so much, and as the weather gets colder here, the sparkly bits make me all warm and happy.

First up is OPI Designer Series, Opening Night Gold.  I'm showing my OPI swatches up first, in case there are any you like and want to run out and grab from an etailer before we are no longer able to (because of the whole OPI suing transdesign thingo going on).

Opening Night Gold is rather spectacular.  It's a neutral toned, flesh coloured holographic polish.  It applied perfectly and I really love the OPI brush.  This was three coats.  The holo effect in this polish is more a scattered finish like China Glaze Kaleidoscope collection, than the linear formations seen in China Glaze OMG or Nfu Oh holos. 

This polish does remind me a little of Nubar Spark, but I think this is a little paler. In fact I have a few neutral / brown / gold toned holos, I think I need to do some comparison swatches.

The next photo was taken indoors, so you can see that this is very nude and subtle.
Here is a close up of a nail in the sun. Beee-uuttee-iiff-fulll.

Unlike Nfu oh holographic polishes, this dried to a very high sheen. It didn't really need a top coat, but I did one anyway.  And I didn't find that the top coat dulled the finish either.

I also found the wear on this sooo much better than Nfu Oh or my China Glaze holographic.  It didn't chip or flake off.  I got a good solid three days from this polish, and then took it off because I wanted to change polishes, not cause the polish was chipping.


  1. ohh this is gorg - but its not a DS series polish - this one is from the Holiday on Broadway collection, 2003
    btw - I LOVE YOUR BLOG

  2. Thank you - I've updated the title. Wow I didn't know it was that old, I'm glad I grabbed it when I did!


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