Sunday, May 23, 2010

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Nfu Oh flakies 41 42 43 58

Seriously - pass me a bucket, I think I'm going to barf!
Here I'm showing you Nfu Oh flakies #41, #42, #43, #58.

First up, #41.  This is a yellow jelly with and orange flakey.  It also has a yellow shimmer to the polish.  After I swatched this I couldn't believe how disgusting it looked.  It made my nails look stained and as though I was suffering jaundice.  Three coats.

Here is an up close, where you can see the shimmer and the flakies.

#42 is another yellow jelly with orange flakies, but no shimmer this time.  The yellow in this is also stronger.  I still wanted to puke with the colour of this on my nails. Two coats.

Up close of this yellow hideousness.

And the hits just keep on coming with #43.  This is an orange jelly with orange flakies. Two coats.

And the barfness up close.

#58 looks so pretty in the bottle, but still pretty meh on the nail.  Certainly better than the three above.  I'd call this a burnt toffee colour with orange flakies.  Two coats.  It's another ugly colour in my opinion, but at least this is wearable on it's own.

And now, just like the ugly duckling, the polishes turn beautiful.  They just needed to be layered over black.  These pics actually show all four polishes.  You can see the shimmer in the index finger which has #41 on it.  Then #42 on the middle, #43 on the ring finger and #58 on the pinky.

Layered over black, #42, #43 and #58 are basically identical.  Which made my mum super happy, cause I gave her the bottle of #42.

Please tell me, has anyone ever actually worn these polishes on their own and not layered over anything.  I think on their own, they are truly the most hideous and unappealing polishes I own.  But layered they can be incredible. 


  1. haha!! love the way u blog! havent worn this polishes but they do look great layered. :D

  2. Hey love this blog?

    Can I ask where you get this brand on nail polish in Oz?


  3. The only place to buy this brand in Australia is Vivid Nails. I was lucky and got these cheap (AUS$8 each) during their clearance sale. But unfortunatley they have a total monopoly on the market and can pretty much charge whatever they want.

  4. Thanks for showing them on their own--very helpful!

  5. You can view the items on Vivid nails? I have a problem viewing. they're quite unfriendly and not helpful though. and the prices differ alot from Fabulous Street.


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