Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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How big is yours?

Ok girls, we have a serious polish problem here.

Below are the stats (collected from my recent giveaway) of how many polishes were in peoples stashes.

A note about the data for this one:
  • if you said 200+, then I put 200.
  • if you said around 30, I put 30.
  • if you said between 250-300, I put 275.
Holy crap, thats over 70,000 polishes just between the people that entered my giveaway!  The average was 189 polishes.  The minimum was 2 and there was someone out there with 6000!  How the heck do you store that many polishes?

For the record, I'm just over 450.


  1. Wow, I haven't counted mine but I think I'm only somewhere around 50 - 100.
    To the person who has 6000 - where do they put them all!

  2. Holy cannoli! 6,000 seems a tad excessive- unless it's a nail polish store! My stash has grown since the poll... I think I'm at about 340-ish ♥

  3. Wow, 6000 polishes! I would love to take a peak at this person's collection!

  4. Wow 6000! Did Scrangie enter? ;)

  5. holy crap! i have around 300 and i thought i had a lot!!

  6. I can proudly say I currently have just 11 nail polishes :)

  7. 6000 ?!? woh
    i have 1160 polish !

  8. 6000. Wow. How would anyone choose which one to put on?

  9. I know 6000 right - maybe it was a typo? Then again, there were three others with more than 3000. I seriously don't think I will ever have that many polishes. I'm starting to get to the point where I only buy exceptionally different polishes now!

  10. Probably she reached 6000 bottles thanks to companies' offers too, I mean big bloggers receive free collections, so I think it's easier this way to have such a HUGE collection ;>

    But I'm somewhat envious :D

  11. Wow. That's crazy. :O I don't know what I'd do with that many polishes, so much choice I'd forget which ones I owned!

  12. OMG 6000 is a lot, I personally stop couting over 200 (But I don't think I reach 300 yet)!
    Very nive stat^^

  13. This girl had to build a custom shelf to store all hers, check it out. Her blog is adorable and she basically posts every day.



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