Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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Our favourite polish

I just released that I never posted about everyone's favourite polish in their collection. 
I love these results, its so interesting to see what people love. 

OPI DS Glamour 3%
GOSH Holographic 3%
Nfu Oh 51 2%
China Glaze For Audrey 2%
OPI Absolutely Alice 2%
Clarins 230 2%
China Glaze Ruby Pumps 1%
Orly Space Cadet 1%
OPI DS Original 1%
OPI My Private Jet 1%
Chanel Paradoxal 1%
Color Club Fashion Addict 1%
Color Club Wild at Heart 1%
deborah lippmann across the universe 1%
Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers 1%
MAC Bad Fairy 1%
Nubar 2010 1%
Nubar Reclaim 1%
Celeb City by Sally Hansen 1%
China Glaze 2NITE 1%
China Glaze Atlantis 1%
China Glaze DV8 1%
China Glaze Emerald Sparkle 1%
China Glaze LOL 1%
China Glaze OMG 1%
Color Club revvvolution 1%
Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday 1%
Nfu Oh 63 1%
OPI Black Shatter 1%
OPI DS Extravagance 1%
OPI DS Sapphire 1%
Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure 1%
Sinful Colors San Francisco 1%
Zoya Adina 1%
A note about collecting the data for this one:
  • I removed it from the list if it was only mentioned once, so if your favourite isn't listed above, then you were the only person that listed that as your favourite polish.
  • I removed it if you listed a whole collection - CG OMG.
  • I didn't count it if you just listed a brand - OPI
  • I didn't include it if you couldn't decided and listed a number of polishes.

So all the above only total 33% of the people who answered this question, so the remaining 66% of people all had a favourite polish that no one else listed as their favourite.
What I found interesting is the OPI DS Glamour came out on top of the list, yet it didn't even have two people listing it at their #1 lemming. 
I expected to see Gosh Holographic, Nfu Oh 51 and Clarins 230 up there, but was surprised to see the other three.  I imagine if more people owned the above three polishes that they would be even higher in the favourite polishes.  I think that's why For Audrey and Absolutely Alice made it into the list, because they are much easier to get your hands on. 
That was fun.  Thanks to everyone who went to the effort to fill in those questions as part of my giveaway.  It was really interesting to see the results.

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  1. But China Glaze OMG IS a name for a polish? Anyway, that is my current favorite.


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