Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Kitty Kreations - Maverick nails

This is our big boy Maverick.

AKA: Mav, Mavie, Mav's a dick, Dicky

Mav was originally my sister in laws cat.  She got him at a shelter as a kitten, and shall we just say that Mav has some mental issues.  He's a bit of a nut case to say the least and totally weirded out on her to the point that she was going to return him to the shelter. 

My husband and I couldn't have him sent back, so we took in him.  He definitely had issues and wanted to mark his territory a lot. We tried a few things to help settle him down, Feliway pheromone sprays and diffusers and Clomicalm medication.  He doesn't have any of those anymore, since we got the three stray kittens (in 2005).  He has become a real mother to them and calmed down so much. 

Becoming a mum changes us all, even our male kitties!

So here is my manicure inspired by Mav.  I used a combo of stripes as the base using OPI DS Desire and OP My Private Jet (new version) - not that you can really see the stripes.  I then stamped with the Zebra print from Konad plate m57 in various directions. 

Then I applied painters tape to mask off the white sections and used nail polish remover to actually remove the polish from the tip of the nail.  With the tape still in place I applied two coats of white to the tip.  I then removed the tape and applied a top coat.

It was a rather crazy many, but rather fun.


  1. That picture where he is lounging, sitting up is hilarious. He is a pretty boy, tho. :)

    I like your mani. It does look like Mav.

  2. Your kitteh is so cute I adore the fact that having babies to look after calmed him
    Down, and I think u did a great job representing his beautiful coat.

  3. That's such a cool mani. And such a cutie-pie photo of him.

  4. Great job of kitteh tribute! I need to figure how to do a blue tabby mani.


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