Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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GOSH, is it really worth all the hype?

I caved.

I did it.

I got Gosh Holographic off ebay.

I paid 16 pounds + 4 pounds postage, which is about $30 Aussie Dollars.  It is the most I have ever paid for a single bottle of polish.  And to tell you the truth, I'm feeling polish shame.  I wonder now, that it may just not have been worth it and think I should have put that $30 toward half a bottle of 230!

I wore my Gosh Holographic mani out last Friday.  Yeah , it was pretty but...  application was a bitch and I don't like her.  She reminds me of one of those pretty bitchy girls from school!  Wear was the worst out of all my holos, this picture had only been on my fingers while I slept, and yet there was flakey tip wear already.  I used Nfu Oh Aqua Base, two coats of Gosh and one top coat.  I should have done a holo sandwich me thinks.

The other thing that is so different with this polish compared to Nfu Oh holographics, is that this doesn't look holo in the bottle at all.  Nfu Oh holos look spectacular in the bottle, this just looks like a matte grey colour. 

Once it dries on the nail though, it is just as expected.  I freaked a little after applying my top coat, cause the holo totally disappears and it looks like the bottle finish. But after the top coat dries it goes back to the original holoie goodness.  My personal experience with all holos is that a top coat doesn't dull the holo effect.

I'll pull out my Nfu Oh 61 and do a comparison swatch as soon as the rain leaves and the sun is out.

Hummm, Gosh Holographic you minxy wench. 

Whats the most you have ever spent on a polish?


  1. Wow, that looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Reckon I could deal with a bitchy lacquer for that sort of pay off :) Will be interesting to see a comparison though. Most i've paid for a lacquer is $20 for my OPIs although I nearly caved on Illamasqua Viridian which was retailing for $30...

  2. $22 for me for a bottle of Lancome gold flakes. I got Gosh Holo off ebay about a year ago when it was still a reasonable price of about $15 incl postage. I think it's better than Nfu 61 and comparable to the Chanel holo so it's all money not badly spent!

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  4. ... and when you take out your Nfu OH 61, you will realise that they are exactly alike (I put the two alternatively on my fingers and asked several people, both in real and in pics, no one could tell them apart). I got Gosh Holo last summer through a friend who was going to London, so I paid it 7 euros, nothing to say about the price. Except that as you said, application is horrid, the bottle is ugly and when you put it down to size of bottle/price, it is overpriced. So I keep my love for Nfu Oh, its easy application and its pretty bottles. NfuOh FTW!!

  5. I paid about 15$ for a bottle of Sally's Prisms Garnet Lapis. Only the shipping to Croatia was 8$ :(

    That was my first lemming. Now I'm thinking of at least one of Nfu.Oh holos...

    Btw. Gosh is wonderful!

  6. It sucks that application and tipwear is so dodgy, but it gives an incredible effect!

    $40 for Chanel polish retail - never again hopefully! Although I am *this* close to buying #230 on eBay for around $60.

  7. $18 for China Glaze Sexagon.
    I'd do it again too. *looks around*

    But I'm sorry that you don't feel like you got your money's worth. :(
    It's a beautiful polish, nonetheless.

  8. ahh sweetie too bad its not completly your thing :S I must say I erally like it and I`m glad it`s in my "collection". I must say after the tc has dried up...the holo effect is not as it was before applying tc :S It deos dull it a bit...

    most I spend on polishes was for the venomouw villains MAC polishes...only I dont dare to tell what I end up paying for them :S (not as much as on my Chanel-Paradoxal...but shipping was added as well)

  9. the most I've spent for a simple nail polish ( I mean no nail treatment products) is 10 euros for essie and china glaze.

  10. Gorgeous polish, but that's a lot for just one polish! The most I've spent isn't that much just $14 so far I believe.

  11. Really amazing on nails!! So far I spent around 20€ for a Chanel polish (Blue Satin). I'd say "worth it" :-)

  12. Ohh wow, great comments everyone.

    So it looks like $30 for a single bottle is at the upper limit, but its nice to see that some others have spent this much on something they really wanted too - Even if this isn't a fancy branch like Chanel.

    I'm seriously considering buying #230 off ebay. Our dollar is so strong at the moment it might be my only chance to get it under $60.

  13. I've had success using Seche Vite as a base coat under GOSH Holo, so you might want to try that.

  14. Wow, that seems quite a lot for Gosh... Next time, try me, we can arrange a swap! Gosh holo was discontinued at the end of last year and it was half price (€4.50) in counters for a while.
    The most I paid for a nail polish was €25/29 (can't remember) for an Alessandro magnetic polish that I was dying to try!

  15. Beauty Addict - I will certainly take you up on that offer next time I need something from the UK. Thanks so much. I've seen the Alessandro magnetic polishes too, they look amazing. Have you done a swatch of it?

  16. Zara - thanks for the idea, I'll give it a try


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