Sunday, May 29, 2011

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Nfu Oh 93

I was so totally into my last mani that I just didn't want to take it off.  It finally starting chipping on the tips today, so I reluctantly took it off.  Then I did some swatching.

This is Nfu Oh 93.  I picked it up from Vivid Nails clearance sale for $2.

I really wanted to see this polish on its own. I wanted that bottle colour, no matter how many coats - I can not be beaten!. Six coats later, this is what I got.  Love it, great colour, but it would have remained dentable for at least a day!  Dented polish really irritates me, so I took it off, and....

layer it over black.  Actually I didn't use black, it was Ulta3 midnight, which is the blackest navy blue there is.  But one thin coat of midnight is fully opaque, unlike Ulta3 black satin.  I did two coats of Nfu Oh 93.  

I love it on it's own, but really its a perfect layering polish.  I bought quite a few of these really sheer Nfu Oh colours for $2.  But I have a feeling that, although they are different shades, they will all look the same over black.


  1. Looks exactly like Golden rose 52!
    Gorgeous ^^

  2. Gorgeous over black! Such a vibrant blue!


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