Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Franken Polish Contest and my black magnetic holo franken

Entries in the franken polish contest are now closed.

A week or so a go, I created a blue magnetic holographic franken polish. Today I have created a black  version.  I LOVE it.  This was 1/2 magnetic black polish, 1/4 China Glaze Let's do it in 3D and 1/4 Glitter Gal Black Holographic. I've named it 'Magnetwinkle'.

I really love creating franken polishes, it’s relaxing, creative and easy to do.

So I have decided to do a franken polish contest, just to see what beauties you can all come up with.

Here are the rules:
  • This contest is open internationally
  • You have to be a GFC follower to submit your entry.
  • You can submit just one entry.
  • You must create a franken polish, name it and swatch it on your fingers.
  • Your franken can be created anyway, mxing poilshes or adding micas, pigments and glitters.
  • Send your entry to and include:
    1. one photo of your nails wearing your franken polish (horizontal please)
    2. The name of your franken polish
    3. The recipe you used to create the franken
    4. Your GFC name
    5. your blog URL – if you have one.
    6. any other description or comments to support your franken polish.
  • Your entry CANNOT be posted anywhere until I publish all entries here, after that you can go nuts and post your pictures anywhere and ask for votes.
Entries close in two weeks, on 2 June 2011, so get your lab coats on and start frankening.

The winner will be determined via online voting, where each of my GFC followers will be able to vote once for their favourite franken polish.

The winner will receive a brand new, unused bottle of the discontinued and hard to find, Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Turquoise Opal, purchased by me. Here is a swatch of my bottle, I'm giving away my spare.


  1. Oh I love the new franken you made! Such a perfect combination. And this contest sounds like so much fun. I've never made a franken yet, but have wanted to. :)

  2. I love the franken! I've never made one either but I would love to try =P If I come up with something awesome I will totally enter :)

  3. WHY did i have to make/post the best franken ever a few days ago?! hahahaha.
    i guess i'll have to try and knock another one out of the park :)
    thanks for this contest! i looove turquoise opal!

  4. That is a fantastic franken. How do you get so good a mixing colours that worked. Mine are all fails.

  5. Ooo1 This is just the incentive I need to get back to work on a franken in progress. It is close to done... Just needs some tweaking. Guess now is a good time to get the job done. :D

  6. Ohh I would lovet o join this.. unforunately, I don't have any polishes or material to make my boring finishes something interesting.. heh, don't even own a holo (okay, only have 1, the other is a dud) only duochromes, glitters, creams and shimmers ;<

  7. the polish in the first picture is so nice!x

  8. Gorgeous!! Where did you get the black magnetic polish you mixed in?

  9. Oh I hope you guys all enter, I can't wait to see what you create.

    @liz - you have to try it out, its really quite easy to create a franken. My first ones were simple mixed of creams and they were some of the nicest I created.

    @Yasmin - Give it a go, its really fun. And you should definitely enter whatever you create.

    @rebecca - that was a great franken you created. Good luck creating another knockout.

    @Cat - I feel like doing a franken fail contest too, so people can submit their failed frankens and we all vote on the biggest disaster. I know I have a few pretty bad ones.

    @Ice queen - looking forward to seeing your creation. Yuor very paitent to wait to finish them off, I can't wait to finish to try it on.

    @Ngelic - you don't have to have fancy ingredients create something awesome, some of my best have been cream mixes. I hope you give it a go.

    @Shanice - thanks

    @melissa birch - I bought the magnetic polishes from

  10. Ooh, this should be fun! I'll have to go through the frankens I haven't posted and see if I want to use one of those or make a new one.

  11. I have everything ready besides the pics, gonna send it all tommorow ;D
    I really love the name I came up for this franken ^^

  12. Can I still send my entry today?

  13. Hey! What a fun contest! I submitted my entry tonight :) Did you receive it?

  14. I can submit up until 11:59PM on June 2nd? or is it until 11:59 on the 1st?

  15. It's still open Janna- until 11:59PM on the 2nd, anywhere in the world.

  16. Thanks so much! I've never frankened before tonight and it was fun =]

  17. Just emailed mine in....


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