Saturday, May 21, 2011

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Is there such as thing as too much layering?

I nabbed some awesome Nfu Oh polishes for only $2 during the Vivid Nails clearance sale a month or two back. These are #123 and #124.  This was two coats, but I could have got a better richness in colour if I had done three.

Here are the bottle pics, #123 on the left, #124 on the right.

Then I thought I would try another polish layered over the top. This is #83.

One coat of #83 over each of #123 on index and ring and #124 on middle and pinky.

Up close to see the shimmer.  I think this polish would franken into something darker very nicely.  And for only $2 I'll happily try that out.
Then I wanted to layer a bit more. So out came flaky #54.

A coat of #54 layered over #83 over #123 on index and ring and #124 on middle and pinky. In the full sun.

Same in the shade.  I think flaky polishes look way better indoors or in the shade, rather than full sun.

Finally up close.

So, with base coat, two coats of #123 or #124, then one of #83, then one of #54 the top coat = 6 coats. Excessive? maybe. Pretty? definitely.


  1. Those are gorgeous colours!! Especially for $2 a pop :)

  2. I also catch myself layering too much lol but this came out super cute such lovely greens and 2$ ugh where was I ?

  3. I'm not familiar with this brand at all but WOW are those beautiful!

  4. $2? Wow.. They are SO gorg.. And too much layering? no way.. haha

  5. Wow, $2 is a real bargain! I really like nfu oh polishes, specially the flakies!
    If you are wearing seche vite, 6 coats are not excessive! As long as they fully dry, that's the business!

  6. I love layering with Nfu Oh, the possibilities are endless :) What a great sale, 2$?! I would've bought them all LOL.

  7. $2!!! wow i missed out there =(
    This looks amazing no matter how many coats!

  8. Excellent layering. Dang that I missed out on that sale.

  9. Not when the results look this good.


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