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Gosh vs Nfu Oh 61 - Who wins the holodown?

I posted this two days ago, but with the problems with blogger it disappeared and went back to draft.  Not sure if or when the awesome comments I received on this will be restored though!

It's time for the showdown - GOSH Holographic vs Nfu Oh 61. 
Who will win?  And does top coat dull the holo effect, you be the judge.

First, my index finger has a tea bag patch which made the left side bulgy and look curved at the front.  It wasn't noticeable with any other polish, except when I put a holo on and the linear effect showed every imperfection.

Rightyo now.  Two fingers have GOSH holographic and two fingers have Nfu Oh 61.  After staring at them all day and examining the photos I CAN notice two differences. 

This was two coats over Nfu Oh Aqua Base for each polish. I will share what I see, but first, have a good hard look.  Which two nails do you think are matching pairs.  Can you tell which two nails have top coat? Does the holo look dull on any? I've done two pictures for you to help decide.

  1. I think that one polish has a slightly more pastel holo effect with an orange cast; and
  2. I think that the other polish has a stronger blue cast at the centre of the nail.
In these close ups I see the right nail being slightly more pastel and the left nail having a stronger blue sparkle in the centre of the nail.  There are three close ups, just to show that its not just that picture or angle.

So which is which?
I used Seche Vite as my top coat.  If you could see a difference because of top coat, good for you.  But I can't, so top coat it is to make it last longer.

The winner?  In my opinion Nfu Oh 61.  But only, as my husband would say, by a bee's dick.


  1. They are both gorgeous! And indeed you can't see the difference. After weeks searching for Gosh, I gave it up and bought a bottle of Nfu Oh 61, which, as a matter of fact, was also a pain in the ... to find.

  2. I could pick out the Gosh one, but only because I own it. Btw, when I bought that one I didn't even know it was that special :P But they are indeed very close. I just notice that the Nfo Oh one has more "straight lines" while Gosh is rounder. If that makes any sense?

  3. wow.. i can see one has a blue tinge where the other has a yellow one in the middle.

    i love holos but omg these are doing my eyes in @_@... in a good way :)

  4. How sweet, I loved it.
    You have good taste.



  5. I can't really tell any difference, but I love, and want, at least one, either is okay. Now too find one.

  6. "By a bee's dick" ahahaha! That's awesome.

    I prefer the NFU Oh upon closer inspection, and I see no difference with/without top coat. Looks blingtastic either way!

  7. Excellent post idea. I have to admit I did pick out the NfuOh correctly (before I scrolled down) cuz there is something about the true linear look of an Nfu Oh that beats others out. Still both are fab!

  8. haha by a bee's dick! I'm so going to use that one!

  9. Lol at your husband :D

    Nfu-Oh is a taaaaad more defined, but it's really unnoticeable especially in real life, so they're both great nailpolishes :>

  10. Not that different in my opinion. I have the GOSH as can't get NfuOh here in UK.

  11. By a Bee's dick for the win. I am SO going to use that. Your post just made my DAY!

    I have ZERO holo polishes in my collection. I have to remedy that. Thanks for the comparison!

  12. I can't believe I actually guessed which was which... :o

  13. haha "by a bee's dick" really made me chuckle. I have GOSH and i'm def going to pick up Nfu Oh now, thanks! :)


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