Thursday, May 5, 2011

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Our favourite polish colour

I love that purples and blues topped out the favourite polish colour in the survey part of my last giveaway.  I thought it would have been pink, as there seems to always be a plethora of pinks in every collection. 

A note about the data on this one, a few people said they loved all colours, or whatever colour they picked at that moment, so I didn't include those in my list.

For this post, I thought I would post a swatch of my favourite polish (or two, if I can't decide) that I own, from the top favourite colours.

Purple - Magnetic Purple or OPI DS Original (I don't think I have ever swatched this on its own, I will have to do it).

Blue - Orly Lunar Eclipse or OPI DS Glamour

Green - Artform Multichrome 503 Silver Green or Nubar Reclaim

Pink - Nfu Oh 62

Red - Artform Red Holographic
Grey/Greige - Ulta3 Earl Grey

Gold - Jessica Palladium or Orly Luxe (I need to re swatch cause of lobster hands when I swatch this the first time)
Silver - Nfu Oh 61 or Orly Shine (need to reswatch cause of lobster hands)
Orange - Ulta3 Crazy
Brown - OPI DS Desire
Teal - Ulta3 Pacific Fever
Yellow - I don't think I have a favourite yellow.  I have a few yellows, but really I can't bring myself to call any of them a favourite.

Nude - OPI DS Opening Night Gold or Nubar Spark


  1. Great post, great polishes...

    I agree with your top polishes on blue (OPI), green (Nubar) and silver!

  2. I'm wondering what lobster hand are hehe

  3. Absolutely love Earl Grey. It sits proudly amongst my Top 10 shades in my stash (and so it should given that its a $2 generic competing against expensive brand names).

    Love you're recent polls, always interesting to see other polish hoors vote results.


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