Saturday, November 3, 2012

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Man Glaze Cabron

My first Man Glaze polish. WOW, this is such a beauty.  I was lucky enough to score this polish to review from Annette at Shoppe Eclecticco in Singapore.  

I've found it really difficult to find a stockist of Man Glaze who would ship to Australia, so Aussie girls (in fact anyone anywhere in the world), if you want Man Glaze, Shoppe Eclecticco has a great selection, including all those inappropriately giggle worthy named ones like "Butt Taco", "Fuggen Ugly", "Mayonnaise","Lesbihonest" and "Fuck off and Dye".

When I first got Cabron, I misread it as Carbon, so when I realised my error I googled to find out the meaning. Rather than lowering this blog post to the gutter and including more "potty-mouth", I'll just link to the site I found that provides some good definitions.  Nice!

So onto the polish.  Cabron has a matte finish and is blurple grey shade with a blurple shimmer.  Matte polishes like this just amaze me.  Formula was fantastic, smooth and creamy and shown here as two coats.

If course I just can't help myself playing around when I wear a matte polish.  I added a coat of Seche Vite to my index finger as a feature. WOW, it's like a completely different polish. The colour brightens ups and the shimmer really, well shimmers.  I then stamped with a slower drying top coat using a squiggly design  from XL stamping plate D - I love the look because it looks like miniature snails crawled over my nails.

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  1. I really like this nail polish. The name is funny because as native speaker of Spanish I imagine myself telling my mom the name of this nail polish if I owned it... she would be scandalized! I say that word once in a while, not a problem for me, but it's still funny :P

  2. LOL, great polish..interesting name to say the least! I like it better sparkly...I suck I know!

  3. I really love how you did the stamping. As for the name - it sounds fine until you learn what it means. How easy it is to sound offensive LOL

  4. Love the polish & the matte & the stamping! The names are too much for me personally, but it looks great! :)

  5. I just love Manglaze polishes but until Annette and previously Susan of Star Trinkets started stocking them, I was Manglazeless. It's a great brand and has me completely hooked on matte polishes. Re buying from Shoppe Eclecticco, it's a fixed price for shipping to Aus, NZ etc - about $16 from memory - so it's worth snapping up a few lemmings at a time and seeing what else Annette has that you fancy. I indulged my lemmings for the new Layla holos the last time I ordered more Manglaze. Am no eyeing the Layla soft touches. I really appreciate was Annette, Susan and others like Mei Mei Signatures are doing by making some more unique or hard to get brands available in the region. It's not their full-time jobs and it represents some personal financial risk for them each so it's good to be able to support them. That said, I overextended myself in the Rescue Beauty Lounge BIB presale this weekend so I'm now on a no-buy til the new year...*sad face* xx

  6. Thanks for the explanation Kate <3 I'm glad to announce shipping rates has since dropped to $10 and there will be free shipping above $100. Prices are in SINGAPORE DOLLARS but there's a currency switcher you can use to convert to major currencies :)

  7. I'm not crazy about all matte polishes, but this one is pretty. I love your manicure, also.. I have matte polish & matte top coat coming in the mail, so this is already giving me ideas :)

  8. I have never, ever wanted a matte polish until now! Thanks for the tip on the stockist, too!


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